[Series] Industreet – (A Star Is Born) Season 1 Episode 6


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The “Industreet” TV arrangement, made and composed by JJCSkillz and exhibited by Ace Nollywood’s performing artist, FunkeAkindeleBello, is a TV program sorted out in the light of the African entertainment scene.

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The work demonstrated the way of life, encounters and difficulties experienced by learners in the Nigerian music industry before getting to be fame. It is situated to music, silver screen and the media, and clarifies the experience of the Ghetto way of life.

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The creation of the film is by SceneOneProduction. It debuted at IMAXCinema, Lekki and showed up on TV screens.

Industreet features music artists/actors like Kayswitch, MoEazyIgwe2Pac, Sonorous, MartinsFeelz, Gemstones, JJCSkillz, FunkeAkindele.

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